Leveling Up

The Instructions

Make the most of the Center for Learning and Teaching Summer Institute by playing a series of games! Completing specific tasks during the conference will earn you points, provide you with concepts you can adapt or apply to your course design, and afford you opportunities to interact with fellow conference participants. During the conference, we encourage you to think about how you might adapt these activities for your course design.

Leveling Up

Each bulleted item in this booklet counts as a single task, but some tasks may be completed multiple times. Visit the central game table in the Game Room (Room B) to verify your progress. Some tasks may require the use of social media.

Our playful activities are organized within a “role-playing” framework, wherein participants assume roles that reflect different aspects of the learning process. The roles are as follows:

  • Explorers: Mapping/Discovering

  • Detectives: Analyzing/Solving

  • Collectors: Accumulating/Categorizing

  • Builders: Constructing/Dismantling

After you complete 3 tasks per role, you will be awarded the corresponding badge and ribbon to display proudly on your lanyard.

When you reach 6, you will be awarded the “Novice” sticker.

When you reach 9, you will be awarded the “Proficient” sticker.

When you reach 12, you will be awarded the “Expert” sticker.


Each time you earn a badge or sticker, you will gain an additional entry in the raffle to win prizes. The drawing will be held in Game Room (Room B) at 4:15 pm on Wednesday, May 20. You must be present to win. For a complete list of prizes, visit the central game table in the Game Room (Room B).

No smartphone? No problem!

Many of the tasks outlined below ask you to share descriptions, photos, or videos of your accomplishments using our conference hashtag #CLTODU15. If you don’t have a mobile device or feel uncomfortable using yours for these tasks, just use the dedicated computer in the Game Room (Room B), or seek out one of the game’s facilitators.