Detective Quests

Detective 2

The Detective Quests (Analyzing/Solving)

Students must often work to uncover significant concepts and analyze their meanings within a larger context. Likewise, look for trends, patterns, and clues within the conference, considering ways that you might use them in your courses. Use our hashtag, #CLTODU15, to share your progress.

Conference Madlibs:

  • Using key words and the conference theme, fill in the blanks of  Madlibs we’ve created. You’ll find these in the Mountain of Monstrous Madlibs in the Game Room (Room B).
  • Share your results on social media; use our hashtag.

Conference Glossary:

  • Create a glossary of at least 3 discipline-specific terms you encounter in the panels you attend. Write these terms in the glossary page of your booklet, indicating the panel attended.
  • With your blank Rolodex card, write and define one of these terms. Add your card to the Rolodex of Unfamiliar and Inscrutable Terms in the Game Room (Room B).
  • Share your definition of each term on social media; use our hashtag.

Hidden Gems:

  • Hidden around the conference are “Teaching and Learning Gems” shared by other conference participants. When you find a “gem” (an Easter Egg to the uninitiated), take one of the tokens. Come to the Game Room (Room B) and trade your token for a teaching and learning activity/idea.
  • Share a description of how you might use this activity in one of your courses; use our hashtag.

Productive Noise (

  • Come to the Noisli station in the Game Room (Room B).
  • Work on developing an idea for an assignment prompt, class activity, course design, or continue thinking about a concept that inspired you during a panel. Write a description in your booklet.
  • Describe your sound selections in your booklet.
  • Share your results on social media; use our hashtag.