Collector Quests


The Collector Quests (Accumulating/Categorizing)

Students must accumulate knowledge to succeed. Likewise, try to gather information regarding available resources, colleagues, and your learning environment. Use our hashtag, #CLTODU15, to share your progress.

Plenary BINGO:

BINGO cards are available from the central gaming table in the Game Room (Room B).

  • Throughout the plenary session, listen for keywords you see on your card. Mark off a word when you hear a plenary speaker say it.
  • If you get BINGO, bring your completed card to the Game Room (Room B), or share a picture of your winning card using our hashtag.
  • You can play with multiple cards.

Collect Business Cards/Contact Information:

  • Collect business cards from fellow conference participants or exchange contact info with them. Grab a binder clip from the Game Room (Room B) and clip these to your booklet.
  • Collect colleagues’ social media handles, write these on the back of the card.
  • Collect business cards from the CLT staff.
  • Collect business cards from potential Service-learning Partners (Tuesday afternoon).
  • Follow other conference participants on social media.