Builder Quests

Builder 1

The Builder Quests (Constructing/ Dismantling)

As students become more knowledgeable about course content and their fields at large, they can become active producers. Likewise, practice producing materials that amplify your conference experience.  Use our hashtag, #CLTODU15, to share your progress.

Build Your Instructional Avatar:

  • At the puppet station, create a brown bag puppet that reflects your teacherly identity. Bring your paper bag puppet to the Game Room (Room B), and show it off to the game facilitators.
  • Share a picture of you with your alter ego puppet using our hashtag.
  • In your booklet, discuss how an avatar / puppet assignment could be used in one of your courses.
  • Share your avatar assignment with the conference via our hashtag.

Everything is Awesome!

  • Help build the conference’s LEGO city. Give your contribution a title; write a brief description of it in your booklet.
  • Take a picture of your LEGO construction and share it with our hashtag.
  • Draft a brief description of a LEGO-based assignment in your booklet.
  • Share your LEGO-based assignment with the conference using our hashtag.

Show Me the Money! Responding to Grant Opportunities:

  • In your booklet, write a brief pitch for applying to one of the internal grants at ODU.
  • Find a co-conspirator: share your grant idea with another conference participant and ask them to collaborate with you.
  • Share your pitch on social media; use our hashtag.
  • Share your pitch using CLT’s WebEx station. Have the staff member stamp your book.

Collaborative Storytelling:

  • Add to the story at the Story Station with a Post-it note. Record your contribution in your booklet.
  • Digitally share your contribution; use our hashtag.
  • Brainstorm about how you could use a similar activity in one of your courses. Draft a story-building assignment in your booklet. Share your story-based assignment with the conference using our hashtag.

Trying on Identities:

  • At the Costume Station in the Game Room (Room B), take a selfie with the props provided. Use our hashtag to post the selfie.
  • Convince another conference participant to dress up with you. Take a picture together and share that picture using our hashtag.
  • Consider how you might adapt such an assignment to help students understand the various roles they are asked to play in your classroom. Write a draft of this assignment in your booklet. Share your assignment with the conference using our hashtag.